What We Do

Internet Technology

Connecting your clients and employees with ease

Technical Support

Taking care of the everyday so you don’t have to

Computer & Network Installation

Bringing your workplace infrastructure to life

Internet Technology

Cloud Services
NKOL offers a full line of cloud services, including but not limited to, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and AWS.
Web Hosting
NKOL has been hosting websites since the late 90s.  We have Linux and Windows servers to meet all of your needs.
Email Hosting and Security
NKOL offers many advanced email filtering offerings from Premium Spam Filtering to Phishing email filters.

Tech Support

Server & Workstation Support
NKOL Offers customized servers and workstations to meet your specific needs.
NKOL has monitoring and anti-virus software used to keep your system safe and protected.
Automated Software Updates
Along with protecting your system from viruses, our software will also monitor updates on your system to make sure they are being applied.

Computer & Network Installation

Network Design & Implementation

NKOL can help with you network to make sure you have a strong and fast connection.  This can be done with traditional wiring or through our wireless products.

Wireless Access Points

NKOL offers a great variety of access points and wireless bridges to keep you connected.

Network Monitoring & Management

NKOL can monitor your network using our advanced tools to detect network issues early.

Helpful Services from our Partners

VOIP Phone Systems

NKOL (through our local partners) can offer a great variety of phone systems.

Website Design

NKOL has great (local) partners for all of your website needs.  Whether it is a one page site or a complex site, NKOL can help get this done.  Once the site is complete, we can maintain the hosting in-house.

Large Printer Systems & Documents

Need a new office printer or have a major scanning project?  We have a partner for that!